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The Critical Importance of Human Support During Fear and Uncertainty

Why Do We Need Human Support and Connection?

Whether they are connected to our work, our family, our or hobbies, our friends have a huge impact on our lives. How does having good friends benefit you? According to the Mayo Clinic, a good friend

  • Makes you feel more confident
  • Gives you a sense of belonging
  • Helps you deal with the challenges you face
  • Helps you quit or avoid unhealthy habits
  • Reduces your risk of major health problems

Good Friends — Where Are They?

You probably have more connections to potential friends than you think you do. At work, at play, when volunteering, or at community events, you can find people who could become your good friends. There is a potential danger though. Forming friendships with toxic people can rob you of your joy and your health.

What does a good friend look like? What should you look for in a potential friend?

  • They like you for who you are.
  • They are genuinely interested in your thoughts and feelings.
  • They are comfortable opening up to you.
  • They are supportive, respectful, and trustworthy.
  • You feel safe, happy, and comfortable when you spend time with them.

How To Maintain Friendships While Social Distancing

Although social distancing may seem like the enemy to making and maintaining solid friendships, there are ways to work around this challenge. Regular communication is vital in any relationship. Here are some creative ways to keep in touch while staying safe and healthy.

  • Phone calls
  • Writing a letter or card
  • Sending a thoughtful gift in the mail
  • Playing online games with them

How I Can Be a Good Friend to Others

Having good friends is vital to our health and happiness. But to make friends like that, we need to know how to be a good friend ourselves. Here are a few things we can do to be the kind of person that attracts good friends.

  • Open up. It can be challenging to share our feelings with others. But opening up to your friends shows that you trust them and you want to connect with them.
  • Make time for them. Good friendships take time and work to build, but they’re worth the effort. If you make time for your friends, they’ll know that they’re important to you. And they’ll make time for you too.

Certified ICF PCC Coach. Student of Habits Empowerment — Communication Based Leadership — Entrepreneur Autism Mom

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