Practical AI Business Literacy

Making Better Quality Decisions

A Comprehensive Guide

Jackie Schwabe, MBA, MCC
8 min readMar 16, 2024


Decision-making is an art and a science, demanding a fine balance between intuition, analysis, and experience. In a world that seldom offers complete information or clear paths, honing your decision-making skills is crucial. This guide explores four pivotal areas to enhance your decision-making quality, underpinned by expert insights and practical solutions.

Embracing Uncertainty in Decision-Making

Uncertainty is a constant in decision-making, particularly in dynamic environments. Rather than seeking perfection, aim for the best possible decision with the information available.

Expert Insight: Daniel Kahneman, in his seminal work Thinking, Fast and Slow, delineates two cognitive systems: a fast, intuitive one and a slower, more deliberative counterpart. He suggests that in urgent scenarios, leveraging a mix of both, given the time constraints, can be effective.

Practical Solution: Acknowledge the inherent uncertainty and focus on making informed decisions by blending intuition with a rapid analysis of available data. This approach helps in reducing the pressure for perfection and allows for more agile decision-making.